Bank Entire
  rob mclennan
        I am the waterfront and I cover the waterfront and all
        the boats all know me
                     Lisa Jarnot, Sea Lyrics


Ontologic                  :                    wayward slick,
                                            Lot F / Stewarton / Centretown
                     would shift we                                  speculation,

                                 red light: biker discovers her orange t inside-out
                                                                     , attempts 
                                                                     to tear the tag

                     solopcision      :         thus, remove
                                            condo condo come
        a rose, rose
                                                      in a name,


This layer, steel                    :                        hardscrabble, spoon

            alight, mere mention,

                                                      says, we
                                                      don’t want you [here,]


            , graveyard                         ;                       fenced,

                                              I’d like a cool / to cook in,

                     nakedness of sidewalks, stretch
                                                                                                      notions of a patio,

            slowness of the mountain                                       , coldness
                                  construction strip; a safety, stops

                                                                                                      we are not
                                                                                           what we are,


                                              bewildered, power

                                                                               once; restored, banks
            a century house		    ; this empty parlour,

                                  Lockmaster, barricade
                                                                     what hollow,

                     currents, steel; circular door               shadow

                                              the backhoe curls around the
                                                                               colour, sky

                                  a tenor,
                                                       where we saw no flame,
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