Ash Wednesday
  Amanda Earl

I’m the last person on earth
I have three bottles of whiskey
to myself, none of which is full,
but I make do. I play every song
I own. I go commando. think of
dancing but know better.
wind up the gramophone
cross days off the calendar
fashion a makeshift sundial
throw my shoelaces out the window
I am untethered. I commit heresy.
pray to myself for forgiveness.
when the music stops, there’s
no sound, so I keep it playing.
vinyl stacked up on the carpet,
slippery revolutions turn after
turn. I crave sugar and someone
to touch. time sloughs out of my
body. a sky is empty of commuters.
I replace blood with alcohol. guardian
angels from previous delusions
show up looking hang dog.
they burst into flame. I put
out the fire with snow. I am
feverish. I melt winter.

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