(39), (40), (41), (42), (43)
  Alcofribas Nasier II


another fine
for vagrancy
I can’t pay
more dregs
from a bottle
of unidentified
moonshine from
a city garden
so potent i
can’t feel
my nose &
I’m flyin’


I woke up
on the pavement
my ear blue
with ice couldn’t
hear a damn thing
but a red winged
black bird chirping
like a little motherfucker,
Christ is it fucking spring


I’m done w/
couplets &
your lousy
form poem
let it all
out in a long
stream of fucking
verbal diarrhea
I say


in my youth
says the poet
yada yada
whereas i
don’t remember
dick all


roused from
the best damn
sleep I’ve had
in months by some
hipster’s smart
ass cell phone ring
tone I’m sure it’s

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