Sammy's Mom Walks
  Grant Sommers

Alone to process
The courthouse approach
Gets two seconds of TV time
Too short to catch
The tears
While cameras shoot
The accused

One dead in Toronto
Outcomes don’t matter
To the life of one
Boy-barely-done high school
A dozen autumns removed
From training-wheel swoons

A life now measured
In bullet wounds

One dead in Toronto
Was the price to know Testosterone flows foul
This side of the law,
There were
Nine Glockish answers
Only one proved false

The charge is taunting.
Pays forward his own trial,
A streetcar sentence,
With severed spine,
Snapped humerus,
Punctured hearts,
Won’t stop bleeding

And who is raging now?
And who is raging now?

And she still weeps as
The universe shrieks
Unable to contain
Unspeakable grief
Of Mom, losing Son.

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