Quadra Island
  Aaron Kozak

two paper stars hang a giddy tease garry oak woods,
twirl forever artificial light: an idea counterpart, a
companion a comfort a landmark reminder. sap
stitches shut my mouth, bloods a brain barrier drugs
clog & create. pervasive endorphins spread like
blackberries & invade what could be lush greenery. i
am so tired of trying. it was supposed to be mapped
meticulously & no one tried to stop me, tell me there
are no roads where you're going. there are thousands
of trails to blaze then infinity frankly the forest wins:
i give up bright & early. if bears feast on me while i
camp naked let it be. scream for disaster to save me
from this swarming hike upstream—wolf country
must be nearby plotting. save me carnivores, tear
from my flesh what's left that battery acid doesn't get.
set me free from heavy. pull me where no one'll ever

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