Avenue B:
  Alexandra Babiak

The horses had hinges
in their mouths so
we grabbed their
clasping until they
made noise;
We walk the same
streets for one simple
Flush our bodies towards
the Hudson
this masterpiece took
one day.
"But you live on the east
river," he'd say.
Stuy-town projects
sending filthy
saxophones played for
his dead mother, brother,
An army of bulldogs
invading the road.
My route intersected.
Motorcycle for me
and I changed my
The only way I could prevent
my death or
some psychosis they're
sheathing from
me beneath
the desk in a
vat of all our
spit-flowing, falling
Because when you
laugh your saliva
spits on all our
For the low, low
price of 99 cents.
It says so on
the little sign on the
tin can.

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