Her Plea on Student Poverty
  Sanita Fejzić

Dear Metro, Loblaws and Sobeys
don’t break my (c)art
I need to eat to write
Don’t break my bank
with New Brunswick-grown potato chips
2% homo milk, fresh out of the fridge
Break a twenty & give me back five
for a whole bbq chicken, a baguette
and a non-alcoholic pack of six
Break bread with me
yes: I’m talking to you, mammoth monsters
or should I say ladies or sirs
since legally you’re real persons
Break me tenderly with tempura sauce
spice up my day, oh

Dear Metro, Loblaws and Sobeys
you sometimes break my figurative balls
with the extortionate price of your
spring rolls. The ache in by belly—
a memory etched in my mouth
of peanut butter sauce & minced veggies
delicate and deep fried dough
I wish I could afford
an education
a room of my own
and a hearty meal to ward off
winter’s chill
No one would believe Judith Shakespeare
if she were alive and writing today
would have to save each and every single
to eat, pay rent, feed her child
& write in torment

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