ratlantis parts 1 and 2
  Benjamin Dugdale
(From "Cold Canadian Bodies")
ratlantis part 1 2l juice box cartons bandolier i met my wife there i helped her haul her inventory from her failing luggage business Empty bags Up the mountain where i took the lead in musical and wrote the last cheque (literally, the aboriginal feller told me) in the closing performance of my true love's musical; her name was Wolf and i'd already forgotten the sad sad wife. i hand pushed the carnival swings for my colleague Lauren and her brother as if he had suddenly become a baby again i watched from a prison in the back of minivan as my beloved high school party ranch was engulfed in electric blue firestorm and burned up like an envelope wispy like i shouted more until the Wolf's cupboards ached groaning full then whispered candy Burst! But backward and it did so the party piled into piles and the bubblegum chomped the worst of them and burst into bones and blood and mostly steer skulls with the 2d 8bit blood spill spatter on the joystick side scrolling i'd lost my Wolf again And all i had was a fine olive green trunk to find her with i locked myself in it And woke back to my plain grilled cheese life Itching 5 am crumbs along my hairy back in my unmade bed I could not get back Single sitcom grade tears pneumatic puff from each duct on the angle running salty long legs longstanding poem—like proposing although i'm legally absurdly bound alread or somth pen pals should know better than to lick the sad from your cheeks first thing in the morning i wish i could go back All i can think in the post-soft super-soft cock-flop of the morning is it must have been the double dose of mountain dew that did this to me my piss still clear but the bottle then the cardboard cousin they filled and ballast burst and in their yellow's vacancy i must have gone madly yellow in my brain with citrus and Wolf's wolves weaving my heart wicker basket jabberjock reminiscent with fuzz complimenting tones like worn wool like itch like homemade like bitch this is my extended family and you're just going to have to deal ratlantis part 2 On a lonesome grayscale gravel dock i met the man who fathered one of those women i'd committed to and he complained that only when the wedding carnival was in town did he get complimented on the crisp cut of his clean suit, he said this fingering his dark blue cotton shirt and stained black holy coveralls and now he didn't pump his own gas or ask he just stayed put because the effort and the courtesy just ain't there anymore i need to find the mountain once more The razor's standby charge glow is the only glow and it is the gosh darn devil without disguise and i find i’ve pissed all over the toilet seat i've careened spiritually i've locked the door on the handle but the frame is broken anyway In this LED lit log of my real life, i would be all and right in never waking again i am my mother and my son is in his fifties with stubble starlight slit throat rainbow road head rolling into the dream into away from me i need to learn to be the one that rides the bikes and sees the way to flee from guilt and oil economy i need to go back to sleep, so i can sleep signify fuck signify sheath my phallus in warm womb bomb potential in the early morning too early warbling public transit rattling zit pop reno-post- stucco apartment i ought to sleep all and ready Paralyzed neck down the Dolphin glares at me on the butcher's table butcher's blog queue in the floating dead whale heavy carcass with the perfect square cut i escape through as the Dolphin ittermuawahahititterlers betrayal by belovestruckbelovestonedtodeath buddy of mine no more Slit (Zam zedam gosh damn that was graphic hot and steaming) Sleep Please just envelop me Do not make me document thee and these so diligently
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