Peter Gibbon


consider the moth
its attraction to light:

one theory proposes their distance from the moon makes it easier to navigate
but even if the Earth breaks orbit

turnstiles full of novice writers will still be holding out arm-lengths of publications (most with .com backspaced off the end

& our small presses
piking writers' virgin volumes (another grant condition discharged
not that I practise literary abstinence in Canada body heat is your last utility

remember you can’t write with your cock all your life
& depending on your anatomic faculties you can run
out of ink


the anti-intellectual backlash:
for censure
the editorial team gathers at the bar
which inevitably ends

rebuking the toilet


The Small Press Fair was well attended by each vendor
& the bars were loaded after

someone suggested Montreal only visits
when they need distance from delusional messiahs
or hell’s angels

bread & cheese may sustain bohemians in Paris
but not in Ottawa
& not from Pizza Pizza


make sure your knapsack is shut

move their arm
when you need sleep

cannot resolve their lives but together they make up
emblems of a unified civilization

Rochdale, yes Anansi

Italics in I from a letter to Louis Dudek from Michael Gnarowski dated 25 April 1965.
Italics in IV from Dennis Lee, Sibelius Park (Civil Elegies & Other Poems, Anansi, 1972).

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