Excerpts from "The Coffee House Studies"
  Amanda Earl
Mendolssohn. the creator of the wedding march; wanted. but could never have. Jenny Lind. i have never heard her sing. there are so many nevers. they built Jenny a tower in Cape Cod. she could fly. she was called the Nightingale. during World War II, the BBC broadcasted the sound of a real nightingale, the. singing. in a garden. just before the bombs hit. the distant hum. of an early rose. in the spring. Jenny lost Felix. Beatrice played cello & the nightingales sang. Oh Danny Boy. why do we wait too long for love. there are trumpets. a symphony for a cave. concertos of melancholy. of longing. how to achieve immortality. in E. minor.

[inspired by Mendolssohn and also by Beatrice Harrison, the cellist who inspired the nightingales to sing along to her cello in her garden in Surrey, England. invited the BBC to record the nightingales for a live broadcast on May 19, 1924, the beginning of the "Thousand Bomber" raid on Mannheim. first read in Brick #86, Live to Air, Richard Mabey]

a sakura is a cherry blossom that blooms en masse & symbolizes clouds or in a folk song it may be mist. have you heard the cherry blossom on a cello. the way it slides along your bones.

["Sakura, Sakura" is a traditional Japanese folksong; first heard on "True Love Don't Weep" by James Hill and Anne Davidson]

this coffee could be described as melodic lo-fi pop. this concert could be described as a grey day. this morning could be described as clouds. & in the cloud anticipation of a storm or the sun. i should go to sleep, but i am too. enthusiastic.

[plundered from a LastFm description of El Perro del Mar]

yeah, yeah the art of understatement is an art. this is autumn. yeah, yeah. and so forth. a portrait of the poet in his late twenties: collar length hair. fuchsia t-shirt. buttercup under the chin. ladies & gentlemen. nothing but a band of gypsies.

[Lynn Miles, "Nights in a Strange Town"; Jimi Hendrix, "Woodstock"]

an old whore's diet gets me going in the morning. wilde in the room. a fallen. china cup. tea stains. on the persian rug. dishevelled dark-circle eyed men. addictions.

[Rufus Wainwright, "Want Two"]

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