my first lover was a tax comedian
  Amanda Earl

how apropos, I thought when he laughed over my T4A

the paltry revenue was absurd
he let me pat his comb over while he amused himself with my schedule A

fingering its corners, folding it into a paper crane to float in his Jacuzzi
to whirl around in the bubbles, a fragile creature in a turbulent storm of bureaucracy

he said he'd find me a tax shelter but that was just big talk
what I really needed was a regular stipend

but his gigs at Revenue Canada barely covered his heating bills
for the whirlpool. he was no man of action & I wasn't rich enough

in the wallet to sate the needs of a numbers juggler
and so we parted

I heard he found a fiction writer who wrote vampire novels
fellow bloodsuckers, they were perfect for each other

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