Jennie Egerdie

“a mechanical system with two equilibrium positions. One side is stable, while the other is unstable”

Down. Reload. Turn. Back up three steps. Brick wall. Six paces. Step over the body. Stop. Move towards open. No cover. Take first step. Scrape.

I see someone falling. No. Jumping. Turn. I take the shot. Hit. Scalped. Hit. He explodes in hot spray. Screams. She laughs.

Up. Her hands on her belly, rolling sharp intakes of breath before blasting out. Good morning stretch on her purple mat. Neck jerks and an ear pops off. Warming up the way I don’t. I’m built to bring the ruckus.

“Do you think you could handle the ruckus if I brought it?”

Smiles, rolls, pops the earbud back in and continues her salute to the sun. Salutation. She bends. I put my head back down, only glance above my monitor when she’s facing away. Yoga is startlingly pornographic if you look from the right angle.

Eyes down. Click. I cock my gun. Two steps. Open. She slides her body up, up into the vertical. I see it. Aim. Shoulders straight. Almost. Arches back. Shot. She falls.

Bends. Faces me in plank and we lock eyes for a second. Smiles and we look away; I gaze down as she twists up. Switch artillery. Her hair is the colour of burnt sunshine.

Kill shot. She sighs. Pleasure. I reload. Strike. Run, roll, hit the ground when the IED explodes. Three down. I keep going, hitting the corridor hard when she lands in bridge. We’re making good time today. Comments on the space she feels in her spine as I hit space, control, space control click. Boom. Two dead. Downward dog. I am kicking ass.

We get up. Lunge. Her for her body and me for her. Hit the ground together as quickly as save as click pause. Wait.

We should go down on each other more often. We can be in two places at once; I’m up when she’s down and vice versa.

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