Van Gogh's Street in Saintes-Maries
  Ilona Martonfi

Summer 1888. Shunted

clump of almond trees
living by the seashore
unspoiled dune grass
wheat fields and marshes

it never occurs to me
just last week, I am in

mummified cities
loneliness of
crude and homely figures
the smell, dirtiness, earthy
rough brushstrokes
orange-red chalk
ferocious, thrums, keens
collage of oddities
façade that promises
you care deeply
live out the secret:
to encounter
this will never be again
unnoticed, unrewarded
feel through another’s heart
to hear you sing
accepting love
I need long days
be real with each other
hush, hush.
Be still. Be still. Look at me.

Home is within you

every step is birth.

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