Routine Reading
  Jennifer Greenberg

I like to read at the gym.

Some prefer iPods,
while I Prefer poetry

rather pedal to Ondaatje’s
sweet metaphors—
heavily panting
in iambic pentameter—
than spiral into Space Oddity
search for life forms on Bruno Mars.

Why watch mimes on CNN?
when I watch rhyming couplets
spotting one another.
Camaraderie (authorship)
I read alone.

from company;
count calories
in semi-colons,
stolen moments of solitude
blend into the distance
(one thousand meters away)

The ultimate reliever of stress—
ed unstressed syllables,
aroused by alliteration
exhausted by enjambment
perspiration stains on every page.

Full stop.
Fuck it. Can’t quit!
One stanza to go

increase the pace in increments of rising action
approaching my crisis
pressure rises,
systolic spondees over
diastolic dactyls


five minute cool down
rest on a heart rate haiku
and life is renewed

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