(36), (37), (38)
  Alcofribas Nasier II


rain & the bells
are ringing & I
don’t give a tinker’s
tit all this fuss over
weather describe
the scene I could
care I’ve found
a fifth of whiskey
in the cupboard my
hiding spot still
undiscovered there’s
a fucking world
of ugly out there
I’ll crouch beside
the cubby & drink
up the hooch until
I pass out


throat’s parched
I’m outta booze
sun fucking shine
smarts my eyes
so bad you’d think
I had glass slivers
jammed into ‘em


I thumbed to
the Big Smoke
two hours in
a tiny car like
a clown crammed
in with hipsters
listening to their
mix tapes or
what not shoulda
stayed in Ottawa
but the stink of
political shit
was making me

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