Past Issues

April 2016
Featuring Manahil Bandukwala, Amanda Earl, Patagonia Pond Harris, Peter Gibbon, Alcofribas Nasier II, David Alexander, and Cyndi MacMillan.

March 2016
Featuring Jennifer Greenberg, Marie-Andrée Auclair, and Jessica Rowland.

February 2016
Featuring Aaron Kozak, Scott Cecchin, Peter Gibbon, Amanda Earl, and Yuan Changming.

January 2016
Featuring Carole Besharah, Jennifer Greenberg, and Sanita Fejzić.

December 2015
Featuring Grant Sommers, Marcus McCann, Nan Williamson, and Mary Barnes.

November 2015
Featuring Jennifer Greenberg, Tyler Gabrysh, Jakub Racek, and Alcofribas Nasier II.

October 2015
Featuring Marie-Andrée Auclair, joseph ianni, and Madeleine Smith.

September 2015
Featuring Ryan Pratt, Jamie Bradley, Rob Thomas, Elisha May Rubacha, and Robin McLachlen.

August 2015
Featuring Eleanor Fogolin, Simina Banu, and Conor Mc Donnell.

July 2015
Featuring Cameron Anstee, Justin Million, and Dave Currie.

June 2015
Featuring Isaac Wurmann, dalton derkson, Beverly Cummings, and John Slater.

May 2015
Featuring Matthew Walsh, Jonathan Dick, and LG Pomerleau.

April 2015
Featuring Daniel Vest, Dominique Bechard, and Peter Gibbon.

March 2015
Featuring Tyler Gabrysh, Evelyn Deshane, Paddy Scott, and Mary Barnes.

February 2015
Featuring Natalie Tinney, Amber Moore, Laurie Myers-Bishop, Ilona Martonfi, David Taylor, and Scott Alain.

January 2015
Featuring Ian Martin, Marie-Andrée Auclair, Carole Besharah, and Catina Noble.

December 2014
Featuring Josh Greschner, Chris Johnson, and Rob Thomas.

November 2014
Featuring Ilona Martonfi, Brian Palmu, Ryan Racine, and Barbara Biles.

October 2014
Featuring Jennifer Falkner, Steven Mayoff, Chistine Wessel Thompson, and Taylor Losier.

September 2014
Featuring Cindy Matthews, Christine Lyons, Richard Scarsbrook, and Desirée Jung.

August 2014
Featuring Marie-Andrée Auclair, JC Bouchard, Kim Mannix, Avonlea Fotheringham, and Jim Read.

July 2014
Featuring D.S. Stymeist, Mariah E. Wilson, and Jeff Blackman.

June 2014
Featuring Alexander Harasymiw, Jason Freure, Benjamin Dugdale, Ryan Pratt, and Gary Robinson.

May 2014
Featuring Amanda Besserer, Jennie Egerdie, Elizabeth McGee, Tyler Gabrysh, and Grant Sommers.

April 2014
Featuring David Alexander, Matthew Walsh, Jenna Jarvis, Beverly Cummings, and Janna Klostermann.

March 2014
Featuring jesslyn delia smith, Amanda Earl, Brandon Marlon, Peter Gibbon, and Jeff Blackman.

February 2014
Featuring Alex Skorochid, Emily Izsak, Annick MacAskill, Peter Gibbon, and R L Raymond.

January 2014
Featuring Rob Thomas, Alexandra Babiak, Ashleigh Rajala, and Steven Tomlins.

December 2013
Featuring Elijah Masek-Kelly, Josh Edgar, Cole Pettifor, Natalie Baker, and Charles Pinch.

November 2013
Featuring Chris Johnson, Nan Williamson, Adan Jerreat-Poole, and Victoria Linhares.

October 2013
Featuring Cassandra Nykyforak, Todor Oluic, Rob Thomas, and S.D. Gale.

September 2013
Featuring Jenna Jarvis, Marcus McCann, and Kelly Jarman.

August 2013
Featuring Matthew Walsh, Dylan Wagman, JM Francheteau, Daniel Perry, and Tyler Gabrysh.

July 2013
Featuring Jordan Chevalier, Victor George, Jamie Bradley, Annik Adey-Babinski, and JC Bouchard.

June 2013
Featuring Pearl Pirie, Daniela Elza, Jessica Van de Kemp, and Rob Ross.

May 2013
Featuring Roland Prevost, Pamela Mosher, Ryan Pratt, Janna Klostermann, and Jeff Blackman.

April 2013
Featuring Ben Ladouceur, rob mclennan, Ian Martin, and Gary Robinson.

March 2013
Featuring Peter Gibbon, Alcofribas Nasier II, Cameron Anstee, Amanda Earl, Justin Million, and Jeremy Hanson-Finger.

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